Social media like Facebook, twitter and Instagram have greatly revolutionized online marketing. Companies that fail to embrace social media marketing are now left trailing behind in sales volume and brand awareness. The social sites provide a cheaper and excellent avenue for companies to shout out loud about their products and services. Several companies have taken the lead in terms of social media marketing. Below are lessons we can learn from the best media marketing strategies;

  • Social media buttons on the website

Many companies aim to grow their social fan base and keep their clients regularly updated.You can do that easily on social media than on the website, and that is the reason why best companies place their social media links on their websites. At the bottom of the website, they have included social media buttons which can navigate users to their social sites in a single click.

  • Daily updates

The best way to keep your audience engaged on social media is by providing them with daily updates. Some companies use applications like Facebook Schedule to help post content on weekends, late at night or public holidays. The challenge here is to keep the content interesting and sharable. They keep their clients abreast of what the company is up to with captivating videos and images. They publish posts of what their audience cares about and so they get many likes.Most of their posts are accompanied by a link back to the website.

  • Nice images and videos

Studies show that images and videos perform better on social media than plain text. Facebook video marketing is the thing people are excited about. This medium has limitless potential depending on how you approach it. You can keep your videos funny at the same informative. However you like it, videos have higher engagement levels. Most companies have jumped on thi


s wagon and kept their timeline interesting with unique videos.

  • Links from social media back to the website

This is one of the best marketing practice when it comes to social media. Linking from your social media to your website automatically drives back a lot of traffic to your website and this means improved sales and brand awareness.

Search engine algorithms look at the number of inbound links to rank the popularity of the website. More inbound links place the website on top of search results. When a post that includes the company link gets many likes, shares and retweets, chances are that the many people who see the post will follow the link back to the website. This is what top companies have done and they now rank at the top of Google’s search results for that.

  • Informative posts

Social media fans distaste hardcore marketing. Should you try to force your products or services down their throats, they will simply skip through your posts next time. Companies frequently provide informational and helpful posts for instance Tips for Recycling Plastics, among others examples.

Quick Wasters-Social-Media-Strategies

Quick Wasters is a textbook case of a company that has gotten its social media marketing right.

You can see how they run their Facebook page at and that’s how they’ve built top rubbish removal company in London.