Printing Press in Liverpool for offsite SEO – creating awareness for brands in UK


We’ve started the ClickDo printing press I. Liverpool this week and it’s about to take over the digital economy and serve thousands of business owners.

Now this is little bit of off site SEO. How can this printing creates SEO advantages for the brands? 

It’s about creating awareness on social media and in real life. When I weak a ClickDo Tshirt it creates awareness for the ClickDo brand.

That’s how we attract thousands of eye balls for our brand on the web and people now started to srivetly come to our site.

That’s the story and you can see how things are happening. If you check my personal Facebook or the ClickDo Facebook page you can see it’s taking over the attention trading. It’s all that I have to tell you about building brands that gets attention and then you sell.

I grew SeekaHost on attention and marketing that was done on give give streams.

Today my internet for some reason very and in Liverpool and Vigin media should see have thought about doing some thing.

Below you can see how I work in Liverpool!

That’s it for now. I will be blogging here more often now.