Why PPC Is A Killer Strategy To Get More Leads?

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PPC is a pay per click advertising platform developed by Google to help the business people to target the potential audience. Google Adwords is the online advertising platform using which the business people can target the custom audience based on age, gender, location, etc. The business people need to pay only if the user clicks on the ad. The cost per click may vary based on the competitors bidding, depending on the quality score of the ad, etc. Google PPC lets the business people reach out to the target audience in a quick period compared to organic SEO.

# In Google PPC, the business people need to pay only if the user clicks on the ads when they are searching for any relevant terms in the search engine. On comparing to traditional marketing, PPC lets the business people to know where the actual spent is going on.

ppc consultant services# Using conversion tracking the business people can able to gain knowledge about the campaigns which are generating more revenue. So that the business people can invest more on the particular campaign to get more ROI.

# Using PPC Services, the audience in the particular place can be targeted at the particular time using the location targeting. This lets the business people to reach out the audience quickly.

ppc services# Compared to the organic search, PPC will generate more conversions at a quick time. SEO takes long turn around time to rank in the organic search results. Also In the search engine, when the user searches for a query, only ads are displayed below the search bar. So there are more chances that the user tends to click on the ad than the organic search results.

# Quality score of the ads has the direct impact in CPC – Cost Per Click. The Quality Score indicates the quality, relevance of the ads to the particular keywords. The higher the quality score, lower is the Cost per click.

ppc consultant# The Quality Score of the ads can be increased based on Click Through Rate (CTR) of the keyword and the matched ad, quality of the landing page, ad text relevancy, relevancy of the keywords to an ad group, etc. Increasing the quality score will decrease the CPC – Cost Per Click.

# Using the negative keyword, Business people can disable the ad for the keywords which they don’t want to rank for. Using this method, the inappropriate clicks can be reduced. Use of negative keywords effectively will reduce the number of irrelevant clicks.

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The main advantage of Google PPC over SEO is that people when searching on Google usually tends to click on the ads than on the organic search results, So the business people should use the Google Adwords technique to get more quality conversions to their business. Using PPC more potential customers can be targetted based on age, gender, location, etc. So the quality of the leads will also be high. As the ad is displayed only when the relevant search is made on Google, the quality of the leads is very high.