PPC Competitors Analysis Tools Reviewed

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Every business owner will do their best to grow faster in London. They will definitely have Google Ads in their check list at any given point of time. It’s really difficult to find your competitors’ AdWords Competency. Many people run AdWords but never get the ROI that they expect! Business owners try their best to reach their business goals by copying the competitors strategies and / or replicating them as much as possible. Here are some insights on how you can do this with Google AdWords Tools:

Some Fundamentals:

Before getting into the tools in detail, You should understand the point that investing on premium tools to find competitor data is of no use. Most of the estimator tools function by analysing SERP and reports on what the tools can capture. They visualise this reports via Keyword planner estimates to get competitors spend details. If you want to know what others are spending, use tools that are a part of your AdWords Account, that comes absolutely free!

Free – Auction Insights:

Auction Insights from Google is the best competitors analysis tool that you can find for free. There are no monthly expenses to pay and they show competitor data relevant to your AdWords data.

Why auction insights are the best?

They pull data based on auction levels and its compared to our Ads in real time. For broad match types, this tool will pull far less accurate data. But for an exact keyword match, they pull insights clearly. We can segment by time to clearly view the insights.

About few other tools:

There are tools like SpyFu, KeywordSpy and lot’s more. These tools give few insights better for free, but with the monthly investment, they give far better insights. In the free version of these tools, you can view for what “keywords” the ads appeared. Some differences between your keywords and competitors keywords. But comparing with all the competitor’s tools, auction insight is the best free tool that gives all required insights to Spy your Competition.