PPC Advertising – Types Of Keyword Matches

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Google Pay Per Click service is the online advertising platform developed by Google for the business people to target the potential customers based on several factors. In Google Adwords, there are several keyword match types used for targetting the relevant searches. The different keyword matching types in Google pay per click service are,

  • Broad Match
  • Broad Match Modifier
  • Phrase Match
  • Exact Match


Using the different types of keyword matching, the ads can be shown to the user who makes a relevant search in the Google Search Engine.

Broad Match:

ppc servicesThe broad match keywords will give the widest reach of the audience but the relevancy is very low. Broad match doesn’t require any additional symbols to represent it, the keywords are added as such. The broad match keyword will make the ads visible for the audience whose search query matches in the keyword in terms of misspellings, related searches, synonyms, other relevant terms, etc.

Broad Match Modifier:

ppc advertsing servicesThe broad match modifier keywords are added by inserting a plus “+” sign in front of the keywords. When compared to the broad match, both reach and relevancy are high in broad match modifier. For example, if you are selling a “cup cake”. The broad match modifier can be given as +cup +cake. In this case, the ad will be shown to the people search for the terms like a fresh cup cake, sweet cup cake, cake shop, fresh cake shop, cup and cake, etc.

Phrase Match;

In the phrase match type, the keywords are added by placing them inside the quotes. The phrase match type will have the high relevancy and the low reach when compared to broad match types. The difference between the broad match modifier and the phrase match is that in the phrase match the search term can have the keyword either before or after the phrase and not in between the phrases. For example for the phrase match keyword “cup cake”, the ads will be shown to the search terms like the fresh cup cake, cup cake in online, buy cup cake, etc.

Exact Match:

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The exact match keywords provide the very low reach when compared to other types, but the relevancy is very high. In the exact match type, the keywords are added by placing them inside the brackets []. The ads will be shown only to the exact search terms with no phrases before or after of in-between. Thus the ads will be visible only to the exact search terms as in the AdWords. The relevancy is high in the Exact Match type.

For example for the exact match keyword [cup cake], the ads will only be shown with the search term cup cake.

Using Google Adwords, the business people can target the potential customers in a short period of time by using several types of keyword matching. The Business people need to pay for the Google only if the user clicks on the ad to visit the website. The conversion rate will be high in Google PPC when compared to the other marketing platforms.