What is the significance of outreach in link building efforts?

link building outreach

Link building services constitute an integral part of any SEO practices.

There are multiple ways through which you can build and earn links. But of them, outreach enjoys higher significance.

The scale of success of any SEO campaign depends on its outreach ability.

You can employ many skills and strategies to succeed in your intentions, but if your link building efforts lack outreach, then everything goes waste. It doesn’t make sense if you cannot reach out to your prospects.

Without adequate outreach, even your most competent piece of content can also fail to produce impactful results.

The good thing is that even though you don’t possess special outreach skills, you can improve your knowledge by reading information about it. Due to the massive contribution of this component in link building efforts, you can learn about it from different sources.

In this article, you are going to get some quick and valuable insights into it.


Link building is an evolutionary world. The market offers you plenty of link building tools to help you gauge which of them can cater to your SEO intentions perfectly. If you look back in time to 2015 from now, you will perhaps realize how things have changed. In those earlier times, SEOs used an email automation tool to increase their outreach. In those days, it worked for many by giving them more than 100% response in 30 days. That resulted in higher backlinks. Hence, most people started automating their outreach system in link building programs. From shooting hundreds of emails a week to posting guest articles across a variety of platforms, everything happened in a jiff.

However, it was not very long enough when Google started penalizing such practices by manual actions or change in algorithm. From there on, SEO practitioners realized that automation is not the correct way of building links. The focus should be on delivering value and forming relationships, which in turn can bring scale.

For clarity on what to do to improve your outreach, the things that worked in 2015 and those that are presently relevant will get covered here.

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Outreach practices in 2015-2017

Numbers prevailed over everything else

In those days, almost everyone was busy finding a tool that could scale up their guest posting efforts and help them reach out to a maximum number of people. The clients would tell their SEO teams to generate a specified number of links within a certain period.

Generic content circulated everywhere

While the originality of the information has always been important, in those times, SEO people used general content on the same three to four topics and played around with them for their targeting purposes. The material used to be engaging, but they did not have any novelty.

Automation was the game changer

During those days, it was common for any outreach program to incorporate automated processes for a speedy effect. The use of virtual assistants for tracking email addresses of the prospects was standard practice. It did not matter whether those contacts were relevant for the purpose.

However, what worked then doesn’t have to apply in 2019, especially when Google algorithms have become far more intelligent and stricter. Hence, here is a brisk rundown on how you can improve your outreach now.

Outreach practices in 2019

Content is the king like always, but quality does matter

Appearing on the first page in Google SERP for the intended keywords can immediately increase your chances of earning backlinks from different publications. They see you as a credible source, and hence, would not hesitate to mention you. That means whatever content you create; it should cater to the highest search intent. There can be plenty of things why users look for a specific type of content. It can be about shopping, information, or research. You need to analyze it and target it through the keyword.

For an idea, if you look at the keyword “best vacuum cleaner for home,” you can assess its intent by throwing your attention at the SERPs. You will find that Google pulls out reviews, buyer’s guide, and other such platforms that serve the consideration-based intent. Anyone searching for such information may generally want to compare their options.

If you have to target this keyword, you need to make sure that your piece of writing lists a few brands and compare them to be relevant for the users. Writing generic content, such as how to use a vacuum cleaner, may not help you in search engine ranking. Hence, adhering to search intent can be the best outreach practice. You wouldn’t need millions of links to gain visibility. If you need help with search engine optimization techniques, then visit https://www.goldensearchadvantage.com once. It can be useful for you.

Quality of the links is more important than quantity

While previously having a bounty of links decided your victory, now you have to have high-quality backlinks to reign over others. For that, you need to build relationships with editors and content managers of well-established websites. They will also accept only high-quality and useful content. By doing this, you can give your pages an authority, which is one of the crucial factors for any content or website page to get top rankings.

link building outreach tips

In essence, you can expect your outreach efforts to deliver by understanding what you need to do with your content and whether it needs links.

If you are sure about the requirement, you can reach out to your content network for a quick backlinking or buy backlinks. All this can prove beneficial to you in multiple ways.

First of them is the better response rate. What you send your prospect is not a template kind of email. It is more personal and direct. Hence, you can see an increase of about 60 to 65% more responses.

Secondly, you can expect nearly 75% more content partnership. That happens because you build an authentic relationship with them and not follow any automated process.

Finally, you can get the same amount of links or higher quality of links without putting in a lot of hard work and time.

Link building is a niche domain; only an experienced SEO services provider can take care of the entire aspects well.

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