Organic SEO Vs Google PPC


SEO – Search Engine Optimization is the technique of ranking the website or web page in the top results of Google’s Search Engine Results Page [SERP] for the user searched query. By using the SEO the potential page can be ranked in the top search results of Google. Nowadays Google is the search engine which most of the people prefer to use for. In this case making the business website to be more visible on search engines will help in getting more conversions.


What is Organic SEO?

search engine optimizationOrganic SEO is the method of naturally ranking the website or web page in the Google’s search results for the user searched query. Organic SEO comprised of two main terms, On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization.

On-Page Optimization involves all the activities or changes that can be done within the website to improve the rankings of the website. On-Page Optimization involves the techniques like updating the title tags, image alt tags, meta description, etc. The proper internal linking of the website with optimized anchor text will improve the ranking as well. The web page must be optimized based on the target keyword that we are trying to rank for.

Off-Page Optimization involves all the activities done outside the main website that we are trying to rank for. Off-page optimization is mainly the process of building quality backlinks to the website. The backlinks must be from the high authority sites so that it will help in improving the ranking of the website. Off-page optimization involves social media promotion, blog writing, press releases, blog commenting, business listings, etc. Proper On-Page and Off-Page Optimization will help the site to rank top in Google’s SERP.

What is Google PPC:

The Google Pay Per Click is the internet advertising strategy in which the business people will pay when their ads get clicked on the Search engine by any user. Google PPC is the way of buying visitors to our website. The Cost Per Click may vary from keywords to keywords and from domains to domains based on their competitors bidding. The business people who need to get more conversions at a very quick time may use this strategy.

Organic SEO Vs. Google PPC:

google adwords

In the case of Search Engine Optimization, the turn around time to rank the website or webpage top in the search results will be long. But it’s not in the case of Google Adwords, Using this we can easily hit the first page. Using the Google Adwords, we can target the people based on the location, age, gender, etc. We can target the audience who are all really interested in the product or services. The main advantage of Google PPC over SEO is that we can get more conversions in less time. In SEO we will be ranking for the keyword organically in Search results, so it will also generate the quality leads over the period of time. Ranking the website organically will always help us in getting more conversions in long run.