Why On-Page Optimization Must for Every Website?


Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing the Website based on Search Engine Algorithm to Boost up the Ranking is termed as Search Engine Optimization. We try to rank our website in Search Engine because people who are in need will search for it to satisfy their need. And they will enter into the site which is on the top of search results. So this shows that the people trust the search engines will give priority to the best website with relevant content in it. Users will enter into our website only if we were ranking for the domain-based keywords.

search engine optimization

Types of Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is mainly classified into two types as On-page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization. On-page Optimization completely depends on the Site Administrator or the Web Developer. Because it completely depends on the website, not anything out of that. Off-Page Optimization is completely based on the external resources like Backlinks, Domain Authority, Social Media Sharing, Bookmarking and so on. This is completely out of the website and it plays an influence over the website.


Website Must be On-Page Optimized

In terms of ranking, if your website is perfectly optimized based on the On-page techniques then it will be pushed into the Search Results automatically once the website is crawled by the search engine bot. Why is On-page Optimization so important for my website? Why should I Optimize my website? and similar questions were arising in the people’s mind who hear about Search Engine Optimization.


Importance of On-Page Optimization

If a people are in need of something, for example, if a person needs to buy some Electronic Product Online, then he will go to their favorite search engine and will search as “buy a (product name) online” or “(product name) with best features” or “(product name) with latest features” then he will read the results suggested by the search engine. The Terms used by the people to search something is termed as Keyword and the Search Results will be displaying the Title Tag and Description of the relevant website.


The person will enter into the site only if the Title is relevant to his search. For example, “Best (Product) at Affordable Cost”. If the title consists of repetitive words or something not relevant to search then the user won’t enter into the site. He will just look the title and description of the site next to it. So this makes sense that even though your website ranks in the top of the search engine results without any proper On-Page Optimization, will not give quality conversions. it’s very much important