On-Page Optimisation is one of the major factor in SEO and below is a Quick Audio Podcast about “On Page SEO Tips”.

On page SEO Factors

Title Tag:

Have your target keywords as early as possible in the Title Tag.

On page SEO Factors

Meta Description:

Must have a catchy meta description which helps in conversion and improving the CTR with best keywords.

On page SEO Factors

H Tags:

H Tags vary from H1 to H6. They represent Headings in various font size. Use them in sequence with sub-heading variations for effective results.

On page SEO Factors

Internal Links:

Having strong internal links are essential for passing the link authority for inner pages. Use proper anchor text for internal links.

On page SEO Factors

Images, Videos and Audio -> Media!

Having the page content rich with Images, Videos and Audio podcast will help us for better conversions and ranking.

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On page SEO Factors

On page SEO Factors



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