How Nofollow Links Can Help Your Search Rankings?


Links are the main thing to work with when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The site with the proper internal links, external links and backlinks can be easily made to rank on top of SERP. In the concept of backlinking, equal importance should be given to both No follow links and the do follow links.

Follow vs. Nofollow Links: What’s the Difference?

Search Engines by default will follow(crawl) every link that it finds on the web unless you restrict some links from being crawled. You can tell search engines not to follow a certain link by using the nofollow attribute.

How Nofollow Links Can Help You

When to Nofollow links?

If you wish to put some paid links on your site, make sure to put them as no follow links. Google advises making all the paid links to the no follow links. You should always nofollow links that are featured in paid reviews of products or services. Then all the affiliate links should be no followed by default. Links from widgets and images, links from untrustworthy sites, guest post links should be made as No-follow Links.

Why Nofollow Links Matter?

Google confirms that it doesn’t transfer PageRank or anchor text across links with a nofollow attribute. Despite this, every link on Wikipedia is a nofollow link by default. But the backlinks from the Wikipedia can make miracles for a site to rank in SERP. Moreover, Google will think that high authority websites like Wikipedia will not transfer links to the spammy websites, this is the reason that nofollow link still matters for SEO.


Advantages of having No-follow Links:

  • Increases awareness.
  • Builds trust.
  • Drive audience to your website.

How Nofollow Links Can Help Your Search Rankings

As an SEO Professionals, we strive hard to build backlinks for the website. We mainly focus on do follow links to gain authority. But in future, focussing on no follow links will help to gain authority and also to improve the ranks on the SERP. Try to get backlinks from the websites like Wikipedia to boost the site rankings on SERP.