New Search Console Features in 2018


Finally, the New search console beta version has been released by Google in January 2018. Earlier in August 2017, when Google announced this beta version, that has been available only for the limited number of users. Now, the beta version is available for every search console user.

Still, the New Search Console is not yet fully developed, both the search console versions will be available. Users can switch between them in the search console navigation menu.

Where could you find this beta version?

  1. Log into your Google Search Console platform
  2. Once logged in, at the top left (above the dashboard menu) corner of your search console you will find “try the new search console”
  3. By clicking that menu, you can use the beta version of new search console.
  4. To return back to the old version, on the new search console dashboard at the bottom left there is a menu called “go to the old version”.

Using the beta Version:

With this new version of search console, you can compare and analyze the search results from 3 months to 16 months. That is the new search console mainly focus on enhancement of search that has 16 months of data. As it is the more requested feature from Website owners, they would be happy to know about this beta version. Thus, the new search console is completely rebuilt and that helps site owners to identify and fix any pending issues immediately.

The beta version dashboard shows the key metrics such as performance, index coverings, and enhancement. As the beta version is in progress, the data filter range may change. Also, more features can be expected in near feature.