How To Get New Content Indexed Fast On Google?

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As a regular blogger, you may update many new contents on the site frequently and these need to be indexed by Google soon as you publish the content on the site. Your contents will appear in the search results one and only if the published content is indexed by the search engines like Google.

Indexation is the process in which the Google crawler will visit each page of the website and analyze the contents on each page and will index them to their servers based on some ranking factors. As a website owner, you should make your site indexed to Google in order to rank the website on SERP.

index web pages to Google

How To Index The Contents Faster?

Once you publish the content on the Website, you should ensure that the content is indexed faster by the search engine like Google. This can be done by linking the new content from the already indexed contents, this will make the fresh contents to be indexed faster.

Also, you can use the RSS feed or you can use the sitemap to index the contents faster to the Google. Sitemap submission will ensure that all the contents are crawled and indexed, but by linking the freshly published contents from the old blogs or pages which are already indexed by the Google search engine.

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When To Use Google URL Submit Tool?

Google URL submit tool is the way in which you can index the contents instantly once you publish the contents on your site. The main disadvantage of the URL submission tool is that it will not allow you to submit the URL once if the limit is reached. Hence the only organic way to index the newly published blogs is linking from the contents which are already indexed by Google.

google url submission tool

Finally here are the simple steps to index the contents faster.

  • Link to your freshly published contents from the prominent web page on your site.
  • Use sitemap submission.
  • Use Google URL Submission tool.

Thus these are some of the simple tips to index the contents faster and rank top on the SERP.