Must Have Website Features in 2018


1. Website Chat System:

Having a Chat system on your website means your customers can take action directly. When we integrate Chat system on the website, the website users can Chat with you directly without any Logins / account creation on the website.

website features in 2018 has Mobile Application as well as web application and can handle multiple chats simultaneously (like WhatsApp). The advantage is that we can have multiple agents to handle the system at the same time.

We get alert on Phone when someone tries to chat on our website.

2. Call Back Option:

When we have the call back option on the website, User can enter their Phone number on the website. Once the user submits the data, the business owner gets an email immediately with customer phone number in the body of the email.

You can allocate the leads to respective department using a CRM like Hubspot that automatically assign respective users in real time using Zapier.

3. Online Booking Option:

  • An Interactive Booking Form for the website.
  • The user can enter all required information for EOT Cleaning on the website form and Submit the data.
  • We get an email with all information submitted on the website and we contact the customer.

4. Website Pop-up while leaving

  • When the user is trying to close the website, we trigger a pop-up message.
  • It reduces the bounce rate and increases the on-page time.
  • We can showcase special discounts / offers in this pop-up

If you are a Business Owner in London, make sure your website has all the listed MUST Have Features to make sure your website has the maximum conversions with respect to your target audience. Get in touch with ClickDo to get a customised Quote for integrations.