What To Watch For In 2018? Mobile SEO predictions


As the usage of mobile devices and the internet has been increased among the people, Google has planned to focus the search results on the mobile devices. Creating the mobile-friendly website for your business will help you get more leads for your business. Here let’s see some future updates that Google is going to roll out for 2018.

Mobile SEO Predictions For 2018:

A shift towards PWAs from Native Apps:

PWA’s are the progressive web apps which looks like normal web pages or websites but appear like native apps. These web apps are safe, secure and also compatible with all web browsers. These web apps open the web content in full screen without the address bar. Also, Android OS has started showing them on the Google play store as well. Hence nowadays developers have started to move the content from native apps to PWA’s.

Mobile SEO predictions What To Watch For In 2018

2018 – Year Of Voice Search:

Google’s voice search is going to hit the searches in 2018. People looking for any products or even any restaurants while traveling have started to do a voice search through phone instead of searching manually. This will further be increased in the upcoming days. Google has also focused to provide relevant results for the voice searches by analyzing them well. Google is widely working on the voice search algorithm to provide better results in the future.

Mobile SEO predictions in 2018

Is It Mobile Friendly?

Are your web pages are fast enough to load on the mobile devices? if not then it is difficult to hit the top of the SERP. Make the websites mobile responsive, because Google has started to look for the mobile speed as an important ranking factor. This will be further improved in 2018 to make the web pages to load faster on Mobile devices.

Mobile First Index:

What To Watch For In 2018 Mobile SEO predictions

Google has planned to roll out the mobile first index update on the mid of this year. Normally the websites will be indexed first for the desktop-based searches, but Google has planned to roll out an update for mobile devices in the upcoming days.