Six Ways You Can Make Your Site Ready For The Mobile First Index On Google


As the search on the mobile devices has been increased in the recent days, Google has started to work on it to improve the search results on mobile devices. Google has also planned to role out the mobile-first search indexing of web pages. The websites that utilize responsive web design and dynamic serving do not have to make any changes in the existing system. Beyond that here let’s see some tips to improve the site’s performance on mobile devices.

google mobile friendly search

  • Make sure that your website displays the same content as on the desktop. Text, Images, and Videos should be easy to be crawled on the mobile devices.
  • Structured data should be available on both the mobile and desktop versions of the website. If there are separate mobile and desktop URLs, then the structured data should be updated to the mobile version on mobile pages inorder to make the website load smoothly on the mobile devices.
  • In both, the versions of the website, metadata such as title and description should be updated which helps to improve the rankings on the SERP.
  • Ensure that the webpage has the decent loading time when compared to the desktop speed. People eventually will move towards the web pages with the better loading speed.

google seo mobile searches

  • Ensure that your server hosting has the capacity to handle an increased crawl rate from Smartphone Googlebot. Not only it will be effective in crawling. But also it may be capable of handling many requests from the users at the same time to the users.
  • Google has also started using the mobile loading time as the main signal to rank the site on the SERP. Google has started giving more importance to the mobile searches in these days, the main reason for this is the increased usage of mobile devices than the desktops.

google mobile first index

As a business people trying to grab the users online, you should focus on developing the mobile-friendly site. Nowadays more than half of the searches come from the mobile devices. To rank the business site on the top of the SERP, Avail SEO Services from the premium digital marketing company in the city like ClickDo to gain more online visibility.