Missing Data in Google Search Console


After a new update in Google search console, there is a data missing issue that most businesses are facing. Recently, Google help document has published an article about the missing data problem. There are only 2 reasons for reports missing in search console.

missing information in google

1: Google not Migrated Data:

Most important reason for missing reports in Google search console is that Google hasn’t migrated the reports yet. Remember that new Google Search Console is still in developing stage, that it in the early stage of the beta version. Google will take some time before migrating all the reports. As it is in developing stage, we have to wait till it has been migrated.

2: Data Presenting:

On Migrating, not all the reports will be migrated in the same way as it exists in the standard version of search console. There may be a better way to present reports in Google Search Console. In some cases, different types of data combined in the same report. If some top-level reports are missing in the search console, that may be found in the other reports.

Google will not stop displaying the important reports to users. If there are any missing reports in Search console, that is not migrated or that may be moved to some other report. If the data is not present now in new search console, one can always switch between the new and classic version of search console.