Will Low Volume Keywords Help Your Business To Get More Conversions?


When it comes to SEO (Search Engine Optimization) or Google Adwords (Pay Per Click) Services keyword selection is the important task in getting in more traffic to the business website, despite trying different advertising strategies. Usually, As a business people, you will try to rank your website to the keywords with the huge search volume. The main reason is that if you rank the webpage for the keywords with the huge search volume you will get more clicks. Yes, in fact, you will get more clicks by ranking your website for the keywords with the huge search volume. But the conversion rate may not be high.

Is Low Volume Keywords Worth?


The keywords with the search volume may help you get more traffic, but may nor the conversions. For example, let’s say if your ranking your website for the keyword “SEO company” which has high search volume. Also, you are ranking for the keyword “SEO for business websites in London” which has very small search volume. On Comparing these two keywords, though you have the high search volume for the keyword “SEO Company”, the conversion rate will be less, because people who are preferring to know the work of SEO companies will also searching for the same keyword rather than searching for the SEO service.

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But in the second case, though the keyword has less search volume, it is more specific and the user searches in a motive to find the apt service for his business website. In this case, though it has less search volume, the quality of the conversion rate will be very high. So as a business people, rather than targeting the keywords with the high search volume, find some potential keywords with the decent amount of search volume as well to get more clicks on the business website.

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This not mean that the keywords with the huge search volume are worthless, though it brings more traffic to the site, it may also have some conversion rate for your business.

SEO for Business:

As a business people, you can get more clicks for your business website by ranking top in the search results by SEO. You can hire an SEO Consultant for your business or avail SEO services from the best digital marketing company in the city. SEO will help you to get more leads from the online mediums like Search engines.