Insights On Google’s Search Algorithm

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Google’s search algorithm is built around for solving the problems of the users. This is the reason that Google has introduced many new SERP updates with featured snippets, carousels, location-specific search results, etc.

Multiple User Intents:

Google does a mighty research on the users intent before displaying the search results. Multiple user intents in the sense, if anyone searches for the name “Jaguar” in the Google search, then the webpage related to the automobile industry will be ranked first rather than the animal. The reason behind this is most of the users intent who are searching for Jaguar is to look at the car and not the animal. Hence Google by analyzing the users intent displays the search results more relevantly.

google seo insights

Only Links Doesn’t Play The Role:

Links are one of the criteria which will help to move the page to the top of SERP, but they are not the only criteria to achieve the target. The other ranking factors may include content, title tags, meta tags, keywords in the content, etc. Out of this, users intent acts as the main signal to rank the web page at the top.

Users Dwell Time on the Site:

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Google tracks the navigation of the users inside the site. Google thinks your site as the relevant one for the users only if the users spend more time on your site. More time that the users spend on your website will make the website to move to the top of the SERP.

Google Insights on Site loading speed:

As the massive amount of search comes from the mobile devices, Google has started showing the web pages in the SERP which has best loading time on the mobile devices and tablets. Also if your webpage on the SERP has the most of the click-through rate on comparing to the other web pages, then your website will gain authority and will be moving to the top of the SERP.

google search insights

Google has the main motive of providing the users with the relevant results and avoiding the scammers. Hence frequent updates on the SERP by Google ensures the more relevant results for the users.