Best Tips to Improve Your Website’s SEO Impact

impact of website seo

SEO is an integral aspect of your web pages. It helps you to market your site content and reach out to your targeted audience. Based on the findings of Business2community, 89 percent of buyers begin their purchasing process with some search engine. According to an article published on, organic SEO helps in driving 51 percent of online visitors to your website, whether it is B2B or B2C.

If your web pages are not driving quality traffic, then your SEO tactics are all wrong. Your website is not visible in Google’s search pages. Your content is great, well written, informative, useful, unique, and targeted, but your SEO strategies need major changes. So what are you supposed to do? Well, here are some of the best tips to boost your website’s SEO impact:

website seo impact tips

1. Write title tags properly

It is one of the essential on-page factors to improve your SEO. There is no doubt about the same. It helps Google and other search engines to figure out what your web page is about, and accordingly display in the SERPs. Therefore, write your title tags like a human and for online visitors and not for search engines.

Make your tags short and to the point because Google will show up to 70 characters and truncate anything more than that. Therefore, write crisp. Make sure that the title tags include the relevant keywords and sound natural as well as engaging.

If the tags appear confusing, spammy, or boring, users will not click and you will end up losing traffic. Learn more about such SEO tactics on sites like or similar platforms.

2. Use apt breadcrumb navigation

You need breadcrumb navigation to improve your website SEO. These are nothing but simple text links that help visitors to go back over their path from the web page they are on and all the way from your site’s home page. Place breadcrumb links close to the top of a web page and display the URL structure of your website.

Breadcrumbs also help Google to figure out what your content is all about from a hierarchical point of view. It helps your web pages to rank correctly in the search pages for your current topics.

Besides, breadcrumbs play a pivotal role in improving your site’s user experience. It makes it simple for your visitors to navigate your website with ease, especially if you have a site with a multi-level URL structure.

tips to improve website seo

3. Use subheads

People do not read, but they scan your content. Do not take this literally. The visitors definitely read but they find it easy if your content has subheads and is scannable.

Use proper subheads whenever you are writing something new. It grabs user attention if you use bold subheads instead of walls of text without proper and relevant breaks. This way, you can break your content into simple, easy to read, and logical sections.

It also helps Google and other search engines to understand your content, the hierarchy of information on a particular web page.


Now that you have these tips handy, improve your website’s SEO for the maximum impact. Rank in the SERPs and drive quality traffic.