How To Improve Team Work For Agencies In London


An agency may have anything from 5 employees, 10, 15; sometimes even up to a hundred. And while this is normal, the most important thing to note is that team work is vital for any agency to succeed. Team work is to an agency, what oil is to an engine; it makes everything run smooth and efficiently. Show me an agency devoid of team work, and I’ll show you an agency that’s on its death bed! Here in London, many agencies do operate offering different services. From digital marketing agencies, personal trainers, marketers, advocacy groups, and so on so forth; London has no shortage of organisations and agencies looking to enhance how their teams work.


Below, we have compiled vital points to help agencies improve team work and thus productivity

  1. Respect and appreciation

    Some of the most successful agencies in London and actually in the world, have one thing in common. They respect all team players, and appreciate the contributions of each. Regardless of the position one occupies on the ladder or hierarchy, it is important that everyone is made to feel appreciated. Where team players are ignored or not appreciated, there seems to be gaps in the performance of the entire team.

  2. Embracing technology

    This is another vital factor that agencies ought to take advantage of. Technology means letting each team player do their part, while being connected to the other players. Nowadays, most agencies are investing on Live chats within the work place, compared to the traditional landline phones. When it comes to submitting reports, an employee can very well do so from the field via their laptop, rather than having to come to the office to do so. This flexibility in technology is one way of boosting and improving team work.

  3. Bonding

    Once in a while, agencies can also try and take their employees for team bonding. This may include a retreat, a seminar, or a conference where the team players are retrained on things they learnt. These bonding sessions create a different environment from the workplace where the employees can learn a few things, even deepen the bonds between them. Bonding also helps build confidence in the junior employees and team players who may be ordinarily intimated by their seniors in a work place environment!

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  1. Learn from others

    As a team leader or one in charge of an agency, it is very crucial that you check what other agencies are doing to get things done. Feel free to check out their social media pages, see the activities their teams are engaging in. You will be surprised at just how much you can learn and borrow from such. Remember, as an agency, you aren’t alone in the market; there are more agencies probably offering the same services as you and as such, you have to think ahead. Learn from the best, borrow lessons on what they do right, and what you can do better than them.

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