How To Improve The Quality Score In Google Adwords

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Quality score is the rating given by Google for the relevancy of your keywords and Ads. Quality score will determine your cost per click (CPC) of the Ads. If you have the good quality score, then you can get the clicks for your Ad at very low Cost Per Click (CPC). The good quality score indicates that the keywords and the ad are more relevant. Quality score is the variable assigned to the each of your keywords which determine your Ad rank and the cost per click. If you have a good quality score you can achieve the higher ranks by spending very low cost.

Factors Determining the Quality Score:

  • Click-through Rate (CTR)
  • Ad Relevance
  • Landing Page

CTR is the percentage of how many people see (Impressions) your Ad to the number of people who actually click to visit your website. Ad relevancy determines the how the ads and the keywords are relevant. Also, the proper landing page will help to improve the quality score of the Ads.

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# Optimize the Ad copy:

Choose the Ad copy that is closely tailored to your keywords. Optimizing the Ad copies will increase the relevancy of your keyword to each of your Ads. This will also help you to increase the Click-through rate. Try to get the keywords into the ad copies as well.These simple things will make a great impact in determining the quality score of the Ad.

# Landing Page Optimization:

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Your landing pages should be designed in a way that it should contain the keywords in it that you are targeting for. It is not possible to create the separate landing page for each ad groups, but doing that will increase the landing page relevancy. If a user reads your Ad and clicks to visit your website and if the content on the landing page satisfies the user, then there will be more chances for the user to get converted. The Proper landing page will also help in getting more conversions.

# Structure your campaigns perfectly:

By properly structuring the campaigns into the targeted ad groups, you are actually increasing the relevancy between the search query and the ad. Create more ad groups in the campaigns to increase the relevancy of the Ads. This is a complicated task but it will help you in increasing the quality score of the Ads.

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When it comes to Google Adwords, as a business people you should aim to get more clicks for your Ads by spending the less amount. Ad score or the quality score improvement will help in gaining more clicks for your Ads at low CPC. As a business people, you can either hire a PPC consultant or you can avail PPC Services from the best digital marketing company in the city to get more leads for your business by using the Google Adwords.