5 Most Important On-Page Factors


The website is the Only Source to Project our Business over Online. Based on the Business and Requirements, it is classified into various levels. The initial level of a Website is based on the Domain and Hosting. Once the storage medium is set and it’s ready to come live then we need a perfect website with proper designing. Once after the Web Designing works, then it comes to the next level of execution as Ranking.

Search Engine Optimization is the way of bringing the users to the website by making it visible to the people through search results. It is the organic way of ranking the website and it’s important to optimize it properly. The Search Engine Optimization is basically classified into two types as On-Page Optimization and Off-Page Optimization


About On-Page Optimization

On-Page OPtimization is mainly based on the Website. Some of the Important On-Page Factors were Title Tag OPtimization, Description, Proper Alt Tags, Image Title Optimization, Social Meta and so on. There are about 200 Factors to be considered for proper optimization. As On-Page Optimization is mainly based on the website and so it can be properly optimized to gain the visibility of the people in the search results. If the competition is too low then the proper On-Page Optimization itself will help us to rank the site in the top of search results.


Top 5 Important On-page Factors

It is not possible to Optimize the website based on all the 200+ factors. Better we can give the priority for the Most important On-Page SEO factors. Some of the important On-Page Factors were

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As hosting is one of the basic things for a website, we must host our site in a server which can handle the site traffic and also the hosting providers must ensure that 100% the server is up without any drops. Also, it helps the site to load at high speed.

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The keyword is the collection of words or a single word using which most of the time users will search for the product or services. So it’s very important to identify the effective keyword for our domain. The Keyword that we choose must have high search volume and it must be related to our domain. So that the Optimization can be done based on the keywords for effective ranking.

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A permalink is the Permanent Static Hyperlink to a website. A website may be comprised of Number of web pages in it. Each web page must have some unique URL (Uniform Resource Locator). The URL of the Site must have some meaningful structure for proper navigation.

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Title Tag & Description:

Optimizing the Title Tag and Description is the most important on-page factor. The title tag and description must be relevant to the content of the webpage. There should not be any duplicate title or descriptions on the website. The Title Tag must be the Crispy Heading of the webpage and the description must highlight what’s the webpage is about. These things must be optimized based on the keywords to rank for relevant terms.

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