Importance of Title Tag in terms of SEO


Search Engine Optimization is the process of optimizing a web page based on the search engine algorithms to rank on top, for the targeted keywords. In terms of ranking, keyword selection is an important task because a webpage will be targeted based on the keywords. There are various factors to be considered for better ranking, the title tag and description is one among them. These two factors have an influence on better ranking and conversions too. Title Tag, URL, and Description alone will be visible to the users on the Search Engine Result Page. Most of the users will enter into a website based on the content present in title tag and description.

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What is Title Tag?

Title Tag <title> defines the title of a webpage. Also, Title Tag is required in all HTML documents and it is one of the key factors in On-page SEO Elements. Title tag gives the information about a webpage or HTML file such that it is visible to the users in two places. One is in the Search Engine Result Page (SERP) and another is on top of the browser. In Search Engine Result Page, the Title Tag appears above URL.

By reading the title tag, a user will realize “what Information is provided on the webpage?” and also user will enter inside the webpage only if it is relevant to the search. Users will prefer to enter into the sites with effective title tag. Below are the few steps which highlights how to optimize the title tags.

How to Optimize the Title Tag?

  • The title tag should have less than 70 Characters, such that it must convey the information about the webpage within that character limit. Character limit is set to 70 because the search engine will display a maximum of 70 characters in the Result Page. If a webpage is found with a title of more than 70 characters, then it will be mentioned as “..” at the end.
  • Every title tag in a website must be Unique. The title tag should not be copied from any other web pages. Using Unique Title tag will help in ranking.
  • As it is important to decide the target keywords based on the content present in each web page, we must make sure that the keyword is present in the title tag of each page.
  • Most of the people know the importance of the keyword. So they started stuffing the keyword in the title tag. Doing keyword stuffing makes the title tag meaningless and it will be filled with keywords. It must be avoided for better ranking and conversions.