Why Links Are Important For SEO To Improve Ranks In SERP?


In the view of Google, Links are one of the main signals which the search engines use to rank the web pages in the SERP. In the early days of SEO, keywords in the content played a vital role in improving the rankings but later on Google have moved to analyze the backlinks and the internal links of the website to improve the rankings of the webpage.

Internal Links:

Internal links in the website with the appropriate anchor texts to the target pages will help both the users and also the Google bots to navigate inside the website very easily. Internal links with the proper anchor texts will help the users also to read the relevant content. The more internal linking you do, then more the time that the web crawler will spend on your website. The hyperlink is the clickable link that you provide on the website with the relevant anchor text.

Inbound Links:

Inbound links are the links which are coming to your website from the various other domains. These links are also known as backlinks which is one of the main signals to improve the ranks in the SERP. While giving the inbound links, the main thing you should consider is the site authority of the domain from where you are linking. Also, the anchor text that you are using should contain the target keyword with the brand names in it.

Outbound Links:

Outbound Links are the links that go from your website to the other website. Outbound links should be pointing to the relevant domain. The outbound links may be pointed to the high authority domains like Wikipedia or some governmental websites with the relevant content.

Sources for Quality Natural Backlinks:

Google depends on the quality backlinks rather than the bunch of links from the same website or domain. Hence building the natural backlinks will help you to budge the ranks easily to the top. Try to obtain the quality links from Online forums, Blog comments, Guest posts, Wikipedia, Social media pages, Article directories, Q/A sites, Social bookmarking, etc.

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