How to implement HTTPS for a WordPress site?


SSL Certificates, which are commonly known as HTTPS for a website has became a crucial factor for ranking local business websites on Google search results. technically, SSL means Secure Sockets Layer. Today we have created a video demonstration on “How to implement HTTPS (SSL) for a WordPress website in 5 simple steps!“. This is a seriously simple video demonstration which contains very simple steps, even a Newbie can implement SSL for a heavy WordPress website in less than 5 minutes (if you have already purchased an SSL Certificate from a SSL Merchant).

Secure Sockets Layer

Here you go with a video explanation about SSL Implementation:

HTTPS prevents Sniffing:

Sniffing is a technique used to track the traffic between a web server and the user. Most of the Hackers use this technique to steal user information easily. Below are the two scenarios:

With HTTPS: The transmitted data is visible to the Sniffer. But, without the Secret Key, the data is useless.

Without HTTPS: The Sniffer can easily interpret the data that is being transferred between the user and the server. Hence, sensitive information is stolen easily.


Why SSL is required?

The usual traffic to a HTTP website is transferred as Plain Text. Even big search engines like Google has publicly stated that it would give priority for websites with SSL. This is because, Security has become one of the important factor for better user experience and reliability towards a website with respect to Data transfers.

To make the data transfer secure, we must encrypt the data between the user and server. This is acheived by using SSL Public and Private key combination. There is a big field of study called as Cryptography. Where the process of generating a Public and Private SSL Key are explained in detail. But, if you do not want to spend days in generating a secure Key combination, you can buy SSL from premium sellers like Seekahost SSL.


Search Engine Optimization and SSL Certificates

At ClickDo, we are dealing with clients world wide. We have tested implementing SSL for 60% of our clients. After implementing the HTTPS for a WordPress website, we could see good improvements in the SERP’s. We do not have a definite scale. Still, we could record a 10% improvement in the SERP’s of Google if the On-Page is done perfectly. Below are the set of activities that has to be done after implementing HTTPS:

  • Regenerate the Sitemap
  • Submit Sitemap to Google and Bing Webmaster Tools
  • In Analytics, change the settings from HTTP to HTTPS

5 Golden Steps for HTTPS Implementation on a WordPress website:

  1. Buy SSL –
  2. Confirm the SSL Issual.
  3. Change WordPress Settings.
  4. Re-Write .htaccess file
  5. Submit to Google / Bing.

I have explained each step clearly in the Video on this post. If you have any questions, please drop a comment below. We will respond to you promptly.