How To Do Proper Image Optimization For Better SEO?

seo image optimization

If you wish to rank your web pages for the particular keywords in the organic results, then the proper image optimization will help you in achieving the same. Image optimization in SEO is the important factor to deal in terms of On-Page. Here let’s see some tips to do the proper image optimization.

Name of the Images:

You should name the images more descriptively in plain English, the name may also include the target keywords in it. Avoid uploading the images with the default file name which the camera gives. Rename the images related to the content and the target keywords.

image optimization in seo

Optimize the Alt tags:

Alt tags are the text alternative to the images. Thus when the browser cant able to load the images, then the alternative text will be displayed in the web pages. Adding the proper Alt tags in the images with the relevant keywords to the content will help you in achieving the better rankings in the search engines.

Reduce the file sizes:

If you upload the image files with larger sizes, then it may take time to load in the web pages based on the data connectivity. This will also effect the SEO rankings. Decreasing the file size of the images will increase the page load speed. You can easily optimize the image size without affecting the quality of the image by using the “save for web” option in the Photoshop.

image optimization seo

Optimize the thumbnail images:

Many E-commerce sites will have the thumbnail images to show the products to the users. As a business people, you will not concentrate on optimizing the thumbnail images, but it acts as a killer ranking factor when it comes to the online E-commerce sites. Make the size of the thumbnail images as small as possible. Vary your alt tag text as to not duplicate text that you would use for the bigger versions of the same image.

Submit Image Site Maps:

In order to make the search engine web crawlers to crawl and index the images present on the website, create an submit the sitemap of the images present on the site to the Google by using the Google search console (Google Webmaster Tools).

image optimization

Thus these are some of the image optimization factors which will help you to rank the web pages in the top search results. As a business people, you can hire an SEO consultant or avail the SEO services from the best SEO company in the city to get more visibility of your business websites in online mediums like search engines.