Important Image Optimization Strategies You Must Know In SEO

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Well, When it comes to the SEO, Image optimization is one of the main factors in the On-Page Optimization. Not only Alt text remains as the important factor in the optimizing the images, but also other things like image type, size, metadata of the images, etc. The more number of images you use in the content, then users will spend more time your web pages as well.

Does Stock Images Help SEO?

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As many websites on the internet depend on the stock images, the users visiting your website may have seen the images before somewhere else on the web. So try to give the users and as well as web the new fresh content which even helps in improving the organic SEO rankings as well. When you use stock images from the web, make sure that the metadata are added to the images with respect to the content.

Use Your Original Brand Images:

When you are running any service based or product based business, take original photos of your business, add metadata to the images based on the target keywords and then use them on the web and in the social media’s. The main things to do in the image optimization is,

  • use original images
  • add metadata to the images
  • compress the images without affecting the quality
  • use the formats like JPEG, PNG, GIF

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The main advantage of using the images with the small size is that it is more likely to load easily on all devices even with the poor internet speed. This also has the great impact on the website speed as well.

Create Image Sitemap:

After uploading the metadata added images to the site. you should make sure that the images are indexed by the search engines like Google. For this create a sitemap for the images which includes all the URL’s of the images present on the website and submit the sitemap to the Google through webmaster tools. This will ensure that all the images are indexed by the Google.

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As a business people, you will not have enough time to spend on the optimization activities. Hence you can avail the SEO Services from the best SEO consultant for your business to easily rank the webpages in the SERP’s.