Hot SEO Tips To Pep-up Your Web Site To Top Of SERP In 2018?

2018 tips for seo

As a SEO Analyst you may wonder on new updates that the Google is going to introduce this year. But when it comes to SEO, you can maintain your ranks always on top if you follow certain basic things eventhough Google has a plan of kind of updates. Let’s see some core SEO facts that you need to concentrate in this year to maintain the ranks on top.

2018 tips for seo

Core SEO:

Eventhough if Google introduces any kind of updates, the core remains the same. The core which I am referring to includes the terms like Content, On page elements like Title, meta tags, alt tags, Internal links, breadcrumbs, etc. These terms may look like ordinary one if you are in the SEO field for a long time. But these things has a huge role to play in the organic rankings of the web pages. Next to On page, the secondary thing to note is the website loading speed and the mobile friendliness.

seo tips for you in 2018

Google’s Plan for 2018:

Google has working a lot to provide the users with the most relevant results which they are looking for. In 2018, Google’s Rankbrain has a huge role to play In SEO. RankBrain is an AI which measures the users behavior on the search results and modifies the rankings based on that. Users behavior in the sense, if any user engages more with your website and once if he/she spends more time on your site when they visit from SERP, then Google will come to know that some potential content is on your site and will give a rank boost to your site.

In the same way, if the user visits your site by clicking the link from the SERP and if he/she bounces back to the SERP by knowing that there is no content on your site. Then Google’s RankBrain will monitor this activity as well and may result in the drop in rankings.

seo in 2018

Thus in 2018, as an SEO analyst stick to the basics well and make the users to engage more with your site by adding some attractive videos on the landing page.