Googles Mute Repetitive Re-Marketing Ad

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Re-marketing is the best idea to connect with users that who had visited your Website and didn’t make any action. When you are giving some discount on the products/ service, it is best to target the people who have already visited your site. Re-marketing is the best idea to reach your more likely customers. This way, you are reaching the right people who are your potential customers.

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Mute Repetitive Ads:

When you consider a user perspective, Google has a new update to let users mute repetitive ads. If a user is seeing the same product that they are previously interested in, can mute that repetitive ad. This ad mute mainly applies to remarketing ads. Google calls this as reminder ads, in which users can mute specific advertisers AD when the AD is more repetitive.

There is a new section in Google Ad Setting called Remainder Ads. This setting allows users to see who is targetting them with Google display Ad. From there users can mute them. When an advertiser is muted, users will not be able to see their remarketing ads. Time duration is for 90 days. That does not mean that advertisers are permanently blocked, it is only for the time period of 90 days. This remainder ads can be muted in apps and website. Google is working on for Search, Youtube, and Gmail.

Also, when a user clicks on mute this ad on the mobile phone, it will also be muted on the desktop, when the devices logged in. This will not affect the Website with non-Google Service.

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