Google’s 3 Most Important Ranking Signals Revealed


It’s a good day and the traffic from my Facebook groups has grown to over 300 visitors per day, whenever I share on Facebook. Anyway this article is about getting traffic from Google by ranking high on the SERP’s. I know all you want to know this secrets and that’s why you guy come over to this SEO blog.

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Google’s-artificial-intelligenceI believe all you guy have heard about the RankBrain, it’s the Google’s artificial intelligence system that’s the “3rd most important signal contributing to the result of a search query” So have a read on RankBrain and you can find this article

When looking at what works and sites we do rank, I see content, user behavior and links are what helps the budge still in 2016.

So you see what are my 3 most important ranking signals. However look at your experience and think what’s the most crucial.


Then there is something very important and Google is trying to figure that out soon. That’s going to be the future of SEO and what will do a huge change for the game of people to who tries to rank on the search engines.

Google is trying to get better at understanding natural language and the meanings behind search queries, it’s still very early days for its machine learning algorithms.

I see Google is becoming human and the machine wants to reply to your quires in a manner, like another human would answer you. That’s why voice search is a very important element to keep in mind when optimizing your websites. The story telling web pages, ranks better and drives a huge traffic from long tail keywords.

The future of search is mobile, there will be so many people that’s coming to the web who uses the internet for the first time via their mobiles, so google is working on serving them with the best possible user experience and webpages that’s tailored to serve will rank better. The user experience of a website is going to be crucial part.

With that being said, yet backlinks and and well done content pages are what ranks best at top of SERP’s. However the machine is learning and trying to develop their system be like a human brain and show up the results.

Below is a 64 minutes long video that talks about the key information that’s important when ranking and the what signals works best….

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