How Google PPC Latest Updates Impact SEO?

google ppc seo

Pay Per Click advertising is the paid advertising platform developed by Google to help the business people to get more leads for their business whereas SEO is the free technique using by which you can get traffic to the business website by ranking the web pages in top search results for the user searched query.

Will PPC Impact SEO?

google ppc

While many treat PPC and the SEO both in the different verticals, Google’s most recent update defined that both have the considerable overlap between them, which needs to be considered as an important search engine marketing strategy.

Recent Updates of Google Ads:

A few months back, Google has increased the 25 character headline and the 35 character description lines that appear in the search results as Ads to 30 and 45 characters respectively. This means that the PPC marketers have more room to work with and also has the chances of adding more information to the Ads which helps the users indeed.

Also, Google has updated the Ads with the many extensions by using which the advertisers can add the site links, call on links and much more to make the user to easily get in touch with the business.

google seo

Tweak to Search Results By Google:

Also, from the recent update from the Google. the pattern of the search results has been changed a lot. In the Google when the user makes a search, in the SERP (Search Engines Results Page), at the top the paid Google Ads are displayed, followed by which the map results are displayed and then the organic search results followed by again the paid ads at the bottom.


Future of Google Search:

Thus as the paid Ads get more preference in the search engine comparing to the organic search results, it is important for the business people to invest both in the Google Adwords and the Organic SEO equally to get more clicks for their business websites from the online mediums like search engines. You can avail the PPC services and SEO services as a single package for your business from the best digital marketing agency to get more traffic to the website.