Google Chrome To Block Ads


Google earns more through the Google Adwords. But Google has announced that Chrome will block the irrelevant Ads from the month of February. As Google Chrome remains the number one browser, Google has planned to make the users feel comfortable by blocking some Ads.

Why Chrome Blocks Ads?

google chrome ad blocker

Google earns the significant amount from the display Ads, but certain Ads are blocked by the third party Adblocker, even though the Google Ads conforms to the standards of the better Ads. This move from Google will likely undercut third-party ad blockers that currently block Google’s own ads.

What kind of Ads will be blocked by the Chrome?

Google Chrome will block the Ads on the websites which block the significant amount of content on the website and prevents the users from comfortably viewing the website content.

In Desktops, Chrome blocks the Ads like,

  • Auto-Playing Video Ads with sound
  • Pop-up Ads
  • Large Sticky Ads
  • Prestitial Ads with Countdown and many more

google chrome

In the mobile devices, Chrome will block the Ads like,

  • Prestitial Ads
  • Pop-up Ads
  • Flashing animated Ads
  • Autoplay Ads
  • Full-screen scroll through Ads
  • Sticky Ads and so on

Also, in the mobile devices, the Ad density with more than then content density will be blocked by Chrome.

Will Chrome’s Ad Blocker Affect Affiliate Advertisers?

Well, it may be quiet tough to judge. The Ads may be safe if it applies to the Ad standards of the Google. To check the Ad Experience of your Ads, you can visit the Google’s Google Chrome is the most popular web browser around the world, this Ad blocking technique by Chrome will increase the user experience significantly. But the users on the other browsers may continue seeing those Ads.


Thus overall the main advantage of the Google Chrome Ad blocker is that it will help in gaining more user experience in online by skipping the unwanted Ads. Though some Ads are blocked in Google Chrome, it will be displayed as usual in other web browsers.