Google Call Only Ads – How It Works?

google call only ads

Adwords is the advertising platform developed by Google to help the business people to get more calls for their business by using Google Search as a medium. Call only ads are designed to help the users to call your business when they click on your Ad. The call only ads can appear only on the devices which are capable to make phone calls.

google call only ads

How does it work?

To create the call only ads below listed information are required,

  • Business Name
  • Business Phone Number
  • Two lines of description about your business
  • Display URL
  • Verification URL – The URL which you are giving here should contain the business phone number

These fields are eligible to be shown on the mobile devices. In addition to the above information some other extensions like location extensions, call out extensions, structured snippet extensions can be added in the Ad. The main advantage of adding extensions in your Ad is that it will add more information about your business which in turn creates more visibility for your Ad. You need to pay for Google only if some users click on your Ad to make a call.

google call only ads in online advertising

Advantages of Call Only Ads:

The main advantage of call only Ads is that the phone number is always at the top and if any user searching in the urgency of service will have the higher chance of calling you directly to avail the service. The call button is placed immediately next to the Ad which helps the users to call your business easily. Also, there are no intermediate actions, if the user clicks on CALL button on the Ad, the user will be directly connected to your business without any intermediate actions.

call only ads on Google

As a business people, to get more leads for your business in a quick period of time, you may use the online advertising platform like Google Adwords, Facebook Advertising. The main advantage of Google Call only Ads is that you need to pay for Google only if the user clicks on your Ad to call your business.