Does Investing In Google Adwords Help In SEO?

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Google Adwords and the SEO are two different methods in the digital marketing field which help you to gain traffic to the business websites from the online mediums like search engines.  Customers will have the common question in mind like “does the investments made in the Google Adwords will help in improving the rankings of the website organically or not”. Here’s the solution for the query.

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Google Adwords Vs SEO:

Google Adwords is commonly the paid advertising platform developed by Google to help the business people to target the potential customers by using Google search engine as a medium. In the Google Adwords, you will pay for Google only if the user clicks on the Ad to visit your business website. There are many strategies in the Google Adwords which you can use based on your requirement to gain more clicks to the business website.


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is the technique by which business website is ranked organically top in the search results of Google for the user searched query. Compared to the Google Adwords, the turnaround time for the SEO is literally high. By using the Google Adwords you can get clicks for your website in the quick period of time, But, though SEO will take long turn around time, it will help you in getting more clicks in long run.

Does Investing In Google Adwords Help In SEO?

This is the common question that arises in the business people mind, the answer is that Google Adwords runs as a separate platform and also in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page), there are three types of listings, first one is the paid one, which is Adwords, that appears on the top and the next is the Google map listing which appears organically and the third one is the organic results which is based on SEO.

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Coming to the point, there is no relation between the Adwords and the Organic SEO, Organic rankings improve based on the several factors like On page, backlinking, domain authority, etc. Whereas, Google Adwords is purely based on the Paid advertising and also it has no role to play in improving the organic rankings of your website.

Thus as a business people, you can get leads for your business by using both SEO and the Google Adwords. You can avail services from the best digital marketing company in the city to get more clicks for your business website. There are also other digital marketing techniques like Facebook advertising, Remarketing, targetted marketing, etc, by using which you can get more conversions for your business. On Comparing to the traditional marketing, digital marketing will help you in getting more leads.