Google Ad Blocker: How It Works & What Kind Of Ads Are Blocked?


Google remains the most used search engine by the users around the world. Google also has paid advertising platform called Google Adwords to help the business people to target the customers on Google when they search on any terms related to their domain or industry. To make the users feel comfortable online Google also provides Adblocker to avoid the annoying ads online.

google adblocker in chrome

Google Vs. Ads:

As an online user, you may get annoyed by the Ads like Auto-play videos or music Ads. Some Ads may cover your entire screen by hiding the content that you are looking for. In Youtube, Some videos may run only after the full video ad has been completed. In this case, users are made to wait for some time to view the actual content what they need. Also in some cases, when you are searching something on Google, many ads will get popped up restricting your from viewing the actual content.

Hence, to make the user experience better on online. Google has decided to block some Ads which is irrelevant to the user. Google has recently joined an industry group mainly focusing on to improve the online Ads, called the coalition for better Ads. This group has devised a set of better Ads standards which Google has integrated into the Chrome browser.

google to block certain ads

Google Chrome Ad Blocker:

Now the Google Chrome Adblocker is into the action. Google will begin blocking the Ads from chrome which have not met the Ad Standards set by Google. This even includes the blocking of Ads which is owned or served by the Google.

Google mainly uses the Google Adblocker mainly to reduce the third party ad blocking applications, also to provide the users with more relevant ads, to encourage the publishers to use less annoying and intrusive ads.

google ad blocker

Google Removes 100 Bad Ads Per Second:

In a recent study, it is found that more than 3.2 billion bad ads were removed by Google in the year 2017. In this majority of Ads were removed which violated the Google Ad policies, these ads were removed even before it was shown to the people. Google has introduced 28 new advertiser policies and 20 new publisher policies to avoid the bad ads.