SEO Hacks to Get a Page Ranking Boost

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SEO Hacks That You Can Implement Easilyto Get a Page Ranking Boost 

SEO is an extremely important part of any business’s website strategy and it is very important to stay abreast of the all the changes that Google keeps on making to its search algorithm that can affect its page ranking. Some of the more important SEO tactics that you can use in 2018 and beyond to increase organic traffic and sales conversions:

Speed Up Your Website

According to Google’s research released earlier this year, it averagely takes 22 seconds to fully load a landing page on a mobile device but 53% of people abandon the page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load. While the keyword is “fully” because perceived page loading time is actually slightly over 8 seconds, the gap is still quite large. Optimization of images can help you to reduce the page size significantly and speed up your page loading time. Other tricks that can help include reducing the number of page elements, enabling browser caching, and reducing the number of plugins.

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Secure Your Site

With an increasing focus on online security, Google has started promoting websites in its page rankings that have the HTTPS web protocol working with SSL encryption. Apart from improving the site security, HTTPS also acts to reduce bounce rates as Google warns Chrome users every time, they visit a non-secure site. Switching to HTTPS, according to Tayloright, also allows more accurate tracking of traffic from referral sources as the referring domain is clearly visible, unlike a normal HTTP site that often shows even referral traffic as direct.

Make Your Site Mobile-Friendly

From being something that was a luxury and nice-to-have, mobile optimization has emerged as a critical SEO differentiator with Google giving better page ranks to sites that are optimized for mobile devices. The reason is not hard to find as reveals that as much as 57% of the web traffic is being generated from mobile devices, a radical change from the earlier dominance of desktops. It is also very important for the content to be customized for mobiles due to a number of reasons. Not only do the same keywords rank differently on mobiles but also mobile users prefer content that is very easy to read and load quickly on the smaller screens.

Create Content That Is Valuable and Engaging

improve ranks with seo

The quality of content plays a very important role in rankings as Google increasingly becomes more sensitive to it in its attempt to deliver relevant and useful content to users. With good quality content, you can not only seek out users looking for what you are offering but also get an opportunity for delivering value that will give you a competitive edge. Keywords, especially long tail keywords and keywords optimized for voice search are particularly useful.


Even as the SEO environment keeps on constantly changing, SEO practitioners must never lose sight of their ultimate objectives of delivering a good user experience with valuable content designed to promote engagement and sales conversions.


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