5 frameworks to produce effective content assets


Content assets are distinct content pieces that support various marketing strategies and goals. Marketers know it’s crucial to create a variety of content assets to deliver their expected ROI.

But the thing is, creating compelling content assets is easier said than done. So, how do you get started? Take a look at these five frameworks that can help jumpstart your effective content asset creation.

#1 Leverage Social Media Images to Attract Visual Learners

Statistics show that 65% of the population are visual learners. These are people who remember and learn best when information is paired with a relevant image.

Given this figure, it makes perfect sense to include visuals in your social media blog posts. The trick is to have a goal for each image and create one that resonates with your audience.

To get started, consider the best practices for each social media platform. Then, start developing your visual. Choose a relevant background image, add text in the right places, and include your brand logo.

Engaging visual elements will likely perform on visual-centric platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Pinterest.

Leverage Social Media Images to Attract Visual Learners

#2 Interview Industry Influencers to Boost Brand Awareness and Credibility

You can also invite industry influencers for an interview to share their expertise and insights on topics that matter to your target audience.

Apart from showing your customers that you understand their pain points, you can also generate referrals from your guest’s network. And the best part is, you can conduct interviews in various ways.

You can craft a transcript of your interview and publish it as a blog post so your site visitors can read it. You can also invite the influencer to a podcast for more in-depth conversations and draw interest from both your audiences.

#3 Stand Out with Propriety White Papers

One thing to keep in mind when producing content assets is value. Propriety white papers are a great way to provide value for your target audience and attract more leads.

Make sure that your white paper is well-researched to provide value for customers and prospects that want to dig deeper into topics that matter to them. While this requires a decent amount of development time, the results are often worth it.

#4 Convert More Leads with an Insightful Webinar

If you’re targeting leads down the sales funnel, a webinar makes an excellent option. And the great news about using webinars is you can identify which factors your customers are considering to make a purchase.

From the moment a prospect signs up, you know they find your webinar interesting and aligned with what they need. Whether they attend or not, your webinar registrants are hot leads that you should follow up immediately.

Stand Out with Propriety White Papers

#5 Craft and Share a Cheat Sheet Guide

Cheat sheet guides are free resources that are valuable for your target audience. By creating one that is worth reading and sharing, you can enjoy new and returning site visitors.

Additionally, you can enhance your website’s trust factor, which can earn you links. Ultimate resources, especially evergreen content that has quality information, are likely to last.

These are just some ideas for producing effective content assets. You can take inspiration from these frameworks and incorporate them into your content marketing strategy to drive better results.