How To Fix A Search Visibility Drop On Google’s SERP?

fix rank drop on Google SERP

Well, are you confused on knowing the reason why the ranks of your website are dropped in the recent times? No confusions, here are the simple things which you may look into it to fix the issue and climb back to the top of the SERP.

Rank Drop in SERP:

There are many reasons for the rank drops in Google’s SERP. The primary reason may be Update of Google in ranking algorithms which it may take some time to fix. But there are other factors too which you can easily fix to gain the ranks back.

The main factors which may result in the rank drops are,

  • Increase in Bounce Rate
  • Backlink Drops
  • Competitor Gaining links

fix rank drop on Google SERP

Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate is the main thing monitored by Google’s RankBrain to modify the ranks on the SERP. When people visit your website from SERP and think that there is no useful content and if he/she bounce back to the SERP to visit another page. Then the bounce rate of your website will get increases. This can be reduced by making the users engage more on your website. You can simply add attractive videos on your homepage to make the users stay on your website once they visit.

Backlink Drops:

Drop in backlinks may also have the impact on the rankings. When any ranking page of your website loses its high authority backlinks, then it may tend to lose its rank positions. This can be overcome by building strong backlinks regularly. Hence, the backlink profile gets updated regularly and the ranks remain stable on the SERP.

how to fix the rank drop on Google

Competitor Backlinks:

Even though if you didn’t lose the backlinks, your website may result in rank drops. The reason for this is that the competitors may have gained more authority backlinks than you. This will give them a rank boost which may result in rank drops for your site.

rank drops in google

Hence as an SEO analyst, you should look into these things when there is a rank drop. Finding and fixing these issues may not bring the ranks back within a day or two. It may take some time like a month to regain the ranks back.