How To Get Featured Snippets On Google? A Quick Start Guide


Google’s search features are evolving day by day. Google has introduced a zeroth result in the search engines results page (SERP) called as featured snippets. This featured snippet provides answers to the user’s simple queries. This has been introduced by Google to ensure that the users find the needed content in the search engine results page itself without clicking on to any of the links on the SERP. Since the usage of mobile devices has been increased among the people, this featured snippet is very handy to the users for the mobile-based searches.

How To Get Featured Snippets On Google - A Quick Start Guide

What Do You Need to Know About Featured Snippets?

Here let’s see some important factors about the featured snippets.

  • Featured snippets are also known as answer boxes.
  • Featured snippets are also referred to as position zero, as it appears above the first search result on SERP.
  • Voice search and the featured snippets are closely linked, as the voice searches fetches answers from the featured snippets.
  • Blogs or posts which are already ranking on the first page of the Google search results are more likely to rank on the featured snippet.

How To Get Featured Snippets On Google Start Guide

What’s the Secret to Getting Featured Snippets?

Based on some research we have identified that if your content, doesn’t have any precise content which answers the user’s queries directly, then the chances of content to appear on the featured snippets is very less.

To make the content to appear in the featured snippet, make sure that your content answers the following questions like,

  • How does…
  • How to do…
  • What is…
  • How to…

How To Get Featured Snippets On Google

Not only this type of content, Update the blogs with step by step content. For example, if any user searches for “how to do SEO”, then if your website has step by step content stating the techniques of SEO, then it is more likely to be ranked on the featured snippet of the SERP.

Thus as a business people, update the blogs on the site with quality content related to your domain or industry. This will increase the visibility of your blog to the users and also will generate more traffic to the business site as well.