Why you should have Fastest Response Time for Enquiries?


There are tonnes of strategies to generate leads for your business. It is an Art by it’s own way. When it’s online marketing, people call it “Conversion Optimisation”. With this being said, conversion optimisation in Digital Marketing itself is a huge study which involves understanding the customer needs and to make them place an enquiry!

fastest response time

I do not criticise that Lead generation is simple. But, I say having conversion done from the leads is the major part. There are several proven strategies about how to respond to a lead based on the lead origination. Consider the below examples:

1. Search Engine Optimisation as a source of Lead:

When the leads pump’s in through SEO Ranks, the quality of the enquiry will be high. This is because, people search for a product or service when they are in actual need.

2. Social Media Chanels as a source of Lead:

Social media users can be targeted through interest or activities that are captured by the social media channel. At times, SEO might become expensive. Yes, Social Media Leads are always under the budget. The only downside of Social Media leads is that the user is not in immediate requirement of the product or service.

Why Response Time Matters a Lot?

The lead can be generated from any source, if you respond to them faster, You can win the game!

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