What Factors Affect Google’s Ranking System For Your Website

factors affecting your google ranks

Trying to figure out Google’s algorithms that rank one site over another web page is a very complex thing. Nevertheless, it is not too complex that no one can understand it. Below, are some factors to help you identify some things you could do to help your website rank higher on Google

Have you wondered how fast your website loads when someone clicks the link or types in your website address and hits enter? Statistics show that top ranking websites have an average speed of 1900 ms to load fully. Interestingly, this is 17% faster than a website that ranks at 10th position. Get your timers out to see how your fast your website is or use some of the online tools for the purpose.

Google ranks web pages higher if the web page has long and informative content. When looking at a search term result on Google’s first page, the average amount of words for each web page is 1,890.


If you have good quality content on your web page that people are interested in, naturally, other people will reference your web page when they write an article, post on a blog, or talk about it on a social media network. Many times in all these areas, people would link your website or web page that they are talking about. This is called a backlink.

The more backlinks pointing to your website, the better Google will rank your website. The top-ranked website on average has 5 to 6 more backlinks than a website ranked 10th.

The use of images or illustrations on your website also helps your Google rank. Statistics show 97% of web pages on the first page of Google’s search results have at least one image on their web page.

Of course, if you have adopted all of the above factors, your web page or website will become attractive to Google’s search engine. Your web page will be found more often and if it is good enough, people will write about it naturally, which will end up creating good backlinks.

Overall, this means people will start spending the time to read much of your content on your website, which, is another factor that Google loves.

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