Factors affecting Pay Per Click Ads


Digital Marketing is the effective way of marketing for a business who targets the people over the web. Creating the Brand Awareness among the people and also showing our website when they search for our business based terms is very much important for a business. Effective Marketing will help us to grow our business to next level. If people started using the products or services and if the business provides the best customer support then it makes them grow better.

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PPC Advertising is one of the Effective Marketing Strategy. Through Google AdWords, we can target two different types of resources and they are Search Network and Display Network. If the business is promoted over search network then it will be visible in the search engine results page when a user search using the targeted keywords. If a Business is promoted over Display network, then it will show the Advertisements in the other partner’s websites in form of text, image or combination of both. It increases the Brand identity.

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2 Major Factors that Affects PPC Advertising

Website Downtime

If a person targeting his business over online through Search Network or Display network, then the aim is to bring the visitors to his website. Also, there is an option in PPC Advertising that, the URL visible in the search Ads will not be 100% true. Most of the time the Final URL will be changed because the provided URL will be highlighting the keywords where natural URL may not. So if the targeted page or website is down, then the Adword Campaigns will be disapproved. Also, it affects our ranking organically and increases the CPC (Cost-Per-Click) as well.

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Quality Score

Quality Score shows the Quality of the Ads and it is completely based on the texts & images used in the Ads. The target keywords, categories, URL structure, title, and description were the important factors which decide the Quality Score of the Ads. If the Quality Score is too low, then the Ads Appears very rare and also it increases the Cost per click.

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How to Avoid the Issues?

The Website Downtime affects the organic ranking and clicks to our Ads during the downtime will affect the CPC (Cost-Per-Click). So it’s important to monitor the Ads in regular intervals. The Continuous monitoring will avoid these issues. If it’s a peak time for your business and if the Ads were disapproved due to some issues then it must be fixed at the earliest. The quality score of the Ads will be based on the mentioned factors and it can be gained only through regular ad campaign analysis. Finally, the factors that Affect PPC advertising can be avoided with the regular monitoring and advanced knowledge in it. So it’s recommended to hire the PPC Experts who can solve these things very easily and also they will have regular monitoring over the Ad Campaigns. Even though there are various advanced technologies, hiring the PPC Consultants will be the better to solve the Issues.

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