Facebook Pixel For Business


What is Facebook Pixel?

Facebook Pixel is used to retarget the customers who visit our website. Facebook Pixel is powerful advertising platform that can be used to promote the business services or products online on Facebook. The Facebook Pixel keeps track of all the website visitors and their Facebook accounts associated with them. By using this data we can retarget the customers by showing them ads on the Facebook. Using Facebook Pixel we can retarget the custom audience set who have visited our Website over a period of time.

How Facebook Pixel Works?

pixel facebook

Facebook Pixel is the piece of code which is embedded on the website to keep track all the visitors of the site. Facebook Pixel will track all the unique visitors who are all visiting the website and will also capture the facebook id associated with them. So that by using the pixel data we can retarget the customer by showing ads on Facebook. Pixel will not let you target the particular website visitor or user, Instead, you can target the group of people who have visited your website over a period of time.

pixelsUsing Facebook Pixel we can keep track of people who have visited our website in past 24 hours, People who have visited the website in past 180 days but not yet returned in the past 30 days, also we can keep track the people who have visited the specific page of our website, etc. By using Facebook Pixel we can grab the users who have visited our website at least once in the past 180 days and can retarget them.

Why Facebook Pixel for Business?

pixel facebookPeople started using the social media more in these days, So promoting the business services or product online will bring a good number of conversions to the business. Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram are most widely used among the people. In this scenario, the even small business must be promoted in platforms like Facebook to get good brand outreach. Using Facebook Pixel we can target the custom audience set. The Business crews can get a number of quality leads to their business at very low spent by using Facebook Pixels. Using Facebook Pixel we can create many events like tracking page visitors, tracking the conversions, etc.

Advantages of Facebook Pixels:


By Using Facebook Pixel we can retarget the customer who has visited our website previously and also can get quality leads by less spent. Facebook advertising helps in displaying the ads of the particular product of services to the relevant audience who are actually in need of that particular product or service. Facebook will help the business people’s to reach out to the target audience in a quick period of time at very low cost. Facebook Remarketing is well suited for all the business especially, selling any products online, etc. By perfectly targeting the customers who are really interested in our product or service, we can make the customer buy the product or avail the service. Facebook Remarketing will generate more ROI to the Business.