Facebook Messenger Bots For Business


With the increased number of people using the messaging apps today and also the advancement of Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning and Natural Language processing have led to the rise of chatbots. A simple research says that the number of people using the chat apps is more than the number of people using the social media apps.

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What are Facebook Messenger Bots?

Facebook messenger claimed that more than 1.2 billion users around the world are using the messenger chat application. Hence they introduced the Facebook messenger bots and also working on them to reach the next generation technology.

A messenger bot is a piece of software which uses the Artificial Intelligence (AI) to automate many tasks at a time which is tough to do by the humans singlehandedly. The more you chat with the bot, the more it will learn and you will get an appropriate response from it. Many bots today also use menus with preset phrases, such as “Tell me what’s new.” Businesses in the fields such as travel, finance, media and entertainment, health, and retail sectors, in particular, have all found success with these pocket-sized personal assistants.

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Some Examples Of Facebook Messenger Bots:


With the help of healthtap, you can get the word class medical tips at your finger tips. Forgot waiting in the long waits in the hospitals to see the doctor. Helathtap bot offers a wide range of wellness and health advice for you by drawing the knowledge from the network of doctors.


This is a kind of travel bot which helps you to find the right flights at the right time and also it connects you to the place where can get the booking done for the particular flight. In this, you can set a “home airport” to get the details quicker about the flights from the certain location.

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The Tech-savvy bot communicates with you about the latest tech updates. To get quick updates, you can subscribe to the particular author or topic. The TechCrunch will send you the automatic updates in the specific tech sector that interests you the most.


The Andchill is the movie related stuff, it will send you the latest updates on movies and trailers links that you may be interested to watch. you can also share this information with your contacts to plan for a weekend as well.


By using this, you can send cash to the friends or family members around the world. The Transferwise bot is an instant messaging version of the app that does the same thing. Accountholders can quickly send money overseas by answering a very short series of questions in Messenger.


Trulia is a real estate related chat bot which will help the home buyers with the latest daily listings. This will also help the buyers to narrow down their options based on various choices.

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Finding the best hotel will be a tedious process, especially when you need it in the quick time. SnapTravel asks for your destination, dates, and budget, and messages you some deals you can book on their website.

Tips for using the Facebook Messenger Bots:

Facebook messenger bots will be used more in the future due to the growing technology in terms of artificial intelligence and the machine learning. Here are some tips for creating the better chatbots,

  • Have a strategy
  • Consider the customer journey
  • Test what works
  • Perfect the bot voice – make better in conversations with the user
  • Write great scripts

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There are many tools available for building the Facebook Messenger Bot, they are,

  • Chatfuel
  • OnSequel
  • Botsify
  • Conversable

The Facebook Messenger itself lets you to develop your own bot. But, it’s little more complicated than the above options. It offers a huge range of resources and documentation for developers as well.