Live Videos Generate Six Times More Facebook Interactions


Due to the increased usage of social media like Facebook by the people around the world. Promoting the business in Facebook will help you gain more brand out reach. Recent survey on social media proves that live videos on Facebook has more reach to the people organically. This is true, because the Facebook’s latest algorithm update gives priority to the posts that generate dicussions. This makes the live video to reach more people online, since more interactions occur in the live stream.

Live Videos Rank Higher in Facebook or Not?

facebook live videos reach

In January 2018, Facebook has revealed a news feed update stating that the live videos will be shown in the top of the users news feed. The main target of Facebook is that to help the people with the trending posts online where more interaction happens. Obviously live videos are the one where many people interact online with the comments and share their own views.

Six times more Interaction with the live videos by the Users:

Facebook has also added that the users are interacting six time more with the live videos than the normal posts. This in turn leading to 600% more interaction with the live videos by the users.

Live Videos Reaching Relevant People:

facebook live videos

Normally the live vidoes on the Facebook groups will have a huge reach among the relevant users. Normally people will be interested to interact with the public content, hence this live videos can grab the attention of the many users online. Also, Facebook had also started sending notifications to the users abou the live video sessions relevant to them.

Does Business Use Live Videos?

Literally not, it has been found that only 31% of the businesses around the world use live videos to interact with the online users. Thus if the businesses started to make live interactions online in Facebook, they can get more reach among the people.

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Try Facebook Live Videos For Your Business in 2018:

More than sixty percent of the social media marketers who used the live videos for their business has reported that it has been very effective. Hence make your business reach more users online by making live videos and sessions online in Facebook. This will help the users to grab attention about your business as well, inturn gaining more brand outreach.