What is Facebook Edge Rank? and why is that important?



This is the sneaky Facebook marketing technique which you will need to know if you have Facebook business page or a group. Currently this is very ow but knowing how to increase the Facebook Edge rank and why it’s important will help you cater better and increase your reach.

In this video you will learn all about what is the Facebook Edge Rank and how does it triggers to for your post to be seen by your fans and target audience. If you were sharing frequently on your page and seeing the same people interacting and why some other does not interact has a reason.

Also there is a certain time of the day which you need to know which you should be posting on your Facebook. It’s been said that the 7 am Eastern time is great time to share and also the 5 pm Eastern time, and also the 11 pm. I guess this is because Facebook has a large US base user population.

Knowing the about tip will certainly help you if you are looking to make money from Facebook, because knowing how to drive a massive traffic can help you sell so many different things on the Facebook.

Also not like Google, you can easily get millions of eye balls to your offers and get the advertising done for your business down for free or else very cheaply.

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