Explore More About Average Email Open Rate Via Email Spam Tester

Explore More about Average Email Open Rate via Email Spam Tester

Nowadays in the process of launching email marketing campaigns, owners of businesses try to implement as many useful and effective tools as possible. One of them is an email spam tester that is the innovative perspective of successful running of marketing processes.

What is an email spam tester? It is a web development software that allows defining spam containment in messages. With the use of it, you can not only boost your email deliverability rates but also maintain your open rates at a high level. Implementing this tool into your email processes will allow you to strengthen your reputation as a sender and of course to become a leader in b2b sales. However, in the beginning, lots of email marketers try to clarify some reasons for changing open rates by using cookie-cutter KPIs or other channels. And as a result, they might fail because of not having enough knowledge about their rate statistics.

In this article you will find out these important things that help you in understanding open rates:

  • Why do open rates change?
  • How does an individual open rate impact your email marketing campaign
  • What should you know about increasing open rates?

So, fasten your seat belts, and let’s dive into this topic together!

Why do open rates change?

Why do open rates change

Nowadays email and digital marketing acquire more and more global value among business owners. Statistics provided by the Content Marketing Institute say that around 87% of users apply email marketing campaigns in order, firstly, to expand their opportunities to reach clients and, secondly, to spread the company’s messages faster and more qualitatively.

However, at the same time, only 60% of sent emails actually interacted with their receivers by clicking and opening emails themselves. So, why does it happen? And should we continue testing different channels for sales even if they don`t show positive results?

Of course, it depends on audience specialties and the theme of your emails. If your topics are connected with mass media, social media, or entertainment, your engagement rate will be at a good level. While, if your emails are concerned with educational topics, there this rate will be lower. Besides, we shouldn`t omit a point about a target audience. Usually, people who belong to the elder generation don’t feel credibility from some senders who write to them directly by email. At the same time, another part of people tends to interact with senders and receivers by implementing modern and innovative tools and ways of communication. All these aspects affect your opening rates and it can reinforce your credibility as a sender. As a result, an open rate may vary depending on the topic you boost.

In addition, for rising the open rate, it is essential to make an email spam check that shows lots of useful tips, for example, it reveals the moment failing your email marketing processes, a containment of spam in a message, and others. One of the most innovative email spam checkers is Folder, which is a product of B2B sales leads generation company Belkins. Folders can improve your email deliverability. Also with the use of it, you will get individual recommendations on how to raise your email open rates.

Note, that for email open rates it is quite important to not only pay attention to how well you interact with the audience but also how your audience or recipients acts towards your email marketing campaign.

How does an individual open rate impact your email marketing campaign?

How does an individual open rate impact your email marketing campaign

As it was stated before, the typical open rate might vary depending on the theme of your business, which you work on. We’ve outlined for you a guide of advantages which open rates will bring for you:

Complete Understanding of Your Email Campaign:

A change of open rates allows you to monitor a tendency of opening and clicking your emails. Thanks to this statistic of open rates, you will not only figure out what you should improve and add to your messages, but also you will be much more aware of obstacles you might face.

Tracking the Behavior of Your Potential Clients:

As a result of complete diving into the work inside, you will be able to follow the tendency of the behavior of your audience. That allows you to track the reasons why recipients` interaction doesn’t impress you. So, you will know how to improve your email deliverability actions and communication tools to raise open rate statistics.

Be Aware Of

A realization of the whole inner email process gives you confidence in the following actions. For example, when you figure out that you are on a way to getting hard or soft bounces, leave your worries, because it is a normal situation for the theme you are working with. Besides, do not forget to make a thorough analysis of your email inbox.

Be Creative in Experimenting

Try to be innovative, new, and loud in your emails. Nobody likes to read the same messages all the time, this world always wants fresh ideas in subject lines, in greeting and good-bye, in expressing a message.

The trickiest thing in supporting email open rates at a good level is an awareness of the thinking and actioning of your potential clients and major efficiency indexes. Besides, we would like to share with you some tips that help you boost your open rates. Here they are:

  • Fresh and catching subject lines. You can rarely get your emails opened if your subject lines are boring and trivial. Be creative in cold emailing and try to persuade your reader to continue them to scroll. Show them your respect and your messages are really relevant and right for them.
  • Dividing audience into segments. Try segmenting your audience according to social groups, goals, and other preferences. Every person who is your recipient is unique, that is why create an email for at least one group of people. As a result, you will figure out which message shows a higher level of engagement. Consequently, you will know which template of message and segment of people affect your average open rate.

It is important to note that the awareness of the work of your industry is a pledge of a successful marketing campaign. Try not to implement trivial and superficial tools into your email processes. Indeed, be risky in diving deeper and analyzing your potential audience and the product itself you suggest.

What should you know about increasing open rates?

What should you know about increasing open rates

Finally, we have figured out how important it is to care about average email open rates. This article will help you keep your email open rates at a high level by implementing those tips we shared with you. As being professionals in the rates` industry, we would like to add some more tips to expand your knowledge about tools for keeping your average rate at a high level:

  • Do not forget about spam filters, because knowing how they work and the reasons why you can get there will prevent you from serious email troubles.
  • Test your email delivery process with Folder. Running an email deliverability test with a spam email checker is one of the best ways on how to monitor changes in data and the effects of your email marketing campaign.
  • Care about your domain health. Do not forget to warm it even during summertime, because random active email campaigns can be seen by Email services as spam and you can be easily blacklisted.

Now you have become an expert in the field of email marketing. Would you like to explore your average email open rate for your email? Do not hesitate to implement that with advanced and innovative email spam checking tools as Folder! Take yours a 7-day free trial and give your email marketing campaign another fresh breath and life!