How To Exclude IP Addresses In Google Adwords?

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Google Adwords is the online paid advertising platform developed by Google to help the business people to get more leads from the Search Engines and its partner sites. In Adwords, you will pay for Google only if the user clicks on the Ads to visit your website. In Google Adwords, Competitors will click on your ads to see the landing pages of different ads for different keywords. To avoid the unwanted clicks like this, you can use the IP exclusions technique in the Google Adwords. IP Exclusions in Google Adwords will help you in avoiding the wastage of amount by this type of Clicks.

Why exclude IP Addresses:

You can limit the Ads to be shown in the particular IP Addresses by using this technique, you can exclude the IP addresses whom you think are not the potential customers. For example, your company employees may check the organic rankings as well, in those conditions, the ads should not appear for them, hence you can use the IP exclusions here.

How to exclude IP Addresses in Google Adwords:

IP Exclusions are not available for video campaigns. To exclude the IP addresses in the Adwords follow the below steps.

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Step 1:

Sign in to your Adwords account and under the “campaigns” tab, select the “settings” tab. Next, select the campaigns for which you need to exclude the IP Address for.

Step 2:

Move to the “Advanced settings” section and click the “IP Exclusions” link. Click on “edit” to manage the IP Exclusions.

Step 3:

In the text box that opens, enter the list of IP Addresses for which you need to exclude the IP Addresses. Google allows you to add up to 500 IP Addresses per campaign.

Step 4:

Finally, click on “save” and if you need to edit or delete the IP addresses you can do it on the settings tab.

For you to remove any of the IP Address, you can simply edit and remove the IP from the text box and save it.

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Advantages of IP Exclusion:

Thus by using the IP exclusions technique, you can reduce the number of unwanted clicks on the Ads by either your competitors or other people. A Google AdWords expert will help you in creating the perfect campaign for you based on the keywords and also help you out it in getting more quality clicks from the search engines. As a business people, you can hire the PPC Consultant to optimize and manage the Adword campaigns.