How to Manage Display Ads Effectively


Re-marketing on Google AdWords

Google display ads are one of the most effective means of advertisement if you are targeting your existing audience with the help of having a re-marketing code integrated on your website. Rather than targeting people based on interest it’s always better to target people who have visited your website.

Avoid Mobile Application in Targets

Most of the mobile applications utilise tricky ways to gain clicks from users. Mobile applications often monitize with the help of Google Adsense. Most of the times, the clicks that get generated from Mobile Applications are un-intentional. You must make sure you understand the fundamentals of Google AdWords – Pay Per Click.

Don’t Mix Up between Re-Marketing and General Ads!

Never ever try to mix up Re-marketing and General Display Ads! You can never evaluate the engagement (or) manage ROI in Ads. Utilise the power of Offers and Discounts in the Ads to make sure you gain a lot of quality clicks from the most relevant audience.

Professional Support at ClickDo?

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