Do’s & Dont’s Of Web Design


Business websites should be designed in a way that it should make the visitors to trust the business and avail services in their first visit itself. Here let’s see some do’s and don’ts of the website design.


Keep Your Interface Consistent:

Do's - Dont's Of Web Design

One of the main things to focus on web designing is an interface. Keep the interface consistent throughout the website, make it look professional in all the pages. Make the home page professional and also user-friendly to navigate through the site.ion:


By considering both the users perspective and Search engines perspective, it is important to create a better navigation. Proper navigation inside the website will help the crawlers to effectively crawl the website. This is also an important factor when it comes to SEO.

Do's Dont's Of Web Design

Change the color of the visited links:

If the user visits a particular link, then change the color of that t particular link. This is to make sure that the user will not navigate back to the same page in the future.

Engage Users to scroll:

Take the content into serious consideration. Update the site with the quality content and help the users to engage with the website more time. This will reduce the bounce rate of the website.


Don’t make the user wait:

Make the website to load faster, especially on the mobile devices. The main reason is that the usage of mobile devices for the online searches has been increased in the recent days. Good loading time on the desktop and mobile devices will also boost the ranking on the SERP.

Don’t open internal links in the new tab:

web design dos and donts

The website may contain both the internal and external links. Make sure that the internal links of the site open in the same tab and all the external links open in the new tab.

Don’t keep more pop-ups:

Users will be irritated if they see many pop-ups on the site. Many business people will think that pop-ups with offers will make the conversions, but it’s not the thing. It will reduce the conversion rate indeed.

These are some of the professional web design tactics which will help you get more conversions.